Richiediamo di completare la compilazione del form per aiutarVi a creare le migliori condizioni per ospitare un au pair. Rimaniamo a disposizione per qualsiasi informazione o approfondimento di potrete necessitare.

Basic Info
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Type of working time
Cap/Area Code
Country of Citizenships
Family Religion?
Description of your children: name, age, etc.
New baby expected?
Will the aupair be alone with the children?
Family English Knowledge
Other languages spoken between the parents and the children
Home. Location, Services Description
Description of home (house/flat, N° of rooms, N° of bathrooms, garden, etc.):
Does she will have her own room?
Does the au pair will have her own bathroom?
Do you have any other family help?
Do you have any pets in the house?
Do you live in a:
Describe the area where you live and give details about the activities for the au pair (i.e. language courses, pubs etc…)
How far and which is the nearest public transport from your home?
It will be possible for the au pair to attend a language course?
To go to school which public transport the au pair can use?
Would you pay to the au pair the subscription to the public transport?
Please state whether you will meet your Au Pair or whether she should take a train/taxi for which you will have to pay (in this case, give necessary information):
AuPair Preferences
You need
Au Pair Required
Lenght of stay:
When do you wish the au pair to start?
When the au pair should leave your home ?
Are you flexible on the departure date and length of staying of the au pair?
If Yes, pls. give details
Do you prefer to host?
Au Pair nationalities preferred - 1
Au Pair nationalities preferred - 2
What languages must the au pair known, including his/her?
Do you need a swimmer?
Could you accept a smoker au pair?
Could you accept a vegetarian?
Could you accept an au pair with different religion?
Driving Licence?
During the au pair hosting do you think to go on holiday?
Will the girl come with you on holiday?
If yes, where?
Please give a brief outline of the au pair s duties:
Some small domestic work in which the au pair can help you:
Please give any further information that may be useful:
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